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Technical Writing & its scope in India

Technical writing, in simple words, is a form of technical communication, where a unique style is used to relate technical ideas from a variety of different fields like computer software and hardware, finance, robotics, the aerospace industry, biotechnology. For example, this could mean telling a software programmer how to access a particular set of tools or as simple as guiding a consumer on the use of a house hold implement. In simple words, technical writing can be described as, “writing about complex technical information in a simple, clear and concise manner, which a target audience can understand”.

Technical writing has a long history, but it started becoming a discipline of its own from the early 20th century. This rise in importance can be mainly noticed with the advent of the World Wars, where a need for technical documentation was required in the fields of military, manufacturing and electronics.

The people, who design, create and maintain technical documentation, are known as technical writers. They possess skills in language, writing skills and solid research. A good technical writer may not be a subject matter expert (SME), but requires the expertise to interview SME’s, do additional research, understand the targeted audience, and create documentation that is accurate, complete, unambiguous and concise. The documentation can be produced in a variety of forms: printed, web-based or other electronic documentation, training materials, and industrial film scripts.

Technical documentation can be basically categorized into 3 categories:

1)      End User assistance (user manuals for cell phones, medical equipment, computer peripherals)

2)      Traditional technical documentation (research papers, maintenance guides)

3)      Marketing communications (catalogs, press releases, advertisements)

In India, technical writing is a growing industry, with more and more companies realizing the necessity for perfect documentation. As a developing country, with major international brands in computer software and other service based organizations, the demand for technical writers are at an all time high. With a highly qualified work force, both creative and knowledgeable in the advancements in technology, many MNC’s, both international and domestic, are opening up their literal doors to Indians. Companies like Cap Gemini, Bosch, Quest, etc are looking to Indians for a productive work force.


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Author: Student from Black & White Tech Writing Solutions (P) Ltd, Bangalore.