Objective of Technical Writing

Technical writing covers design documentation, references, Installation guides, user manuals, help desk sheets, online or offline tutorials and, any content, which is technical in character. With the surfacing of increasingly different audiences, users and customers of technical documents, the roles of technical writers are being modified consequently. Therefore, technical writers must keep some key goals in mind to produce specific, convincing and concise technical materials.

With the dawn of the computing era and the abundance of electronics and Web-technologies, technical document is produced in various forms and formats. Understanding formats and the vital tools to produce content for a particular format is vital in Technical writing.

Gathering information accurately and work together with subject matter experts, product designers, developers, engineers, technical architects etc. is one of the key assets to developing the right kind of technical document in any form and format and for any platform. Any form of technical document has to communicate effectively with its end users, audiences and customers.


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