Original Content an advantage for SEO

“It’s a jungle out there!” is an apt description for the internet. In the recent years the internet has seen a hype in providing monetary help in many a ways to its users. Even a click provides money. The internet’s traffic has become chaotic.

A web site is usually used to promote or sell a company, product or service. Its content should have the gravity to change casual visitors to prospective clients. This can happen only when one’s website is first viewed by the viewer. This is where the term SEO enters. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a technique used for increasing traffic to a particular site.

The search engines are text driven, they crawl the web looking at sites and getting an idea what each site is about. The crawler or spider indexes the visited web pages according to the content it finds and stores it in a database for easy retrieval.

When a visitor hits the search button, the search engine processes the request by comparing the given string with the indexed pages. The spider retrieves the most relevant pages by the help of an algorithm based on keywords density, links or metatags.

Original content will be indexed faster. A website should have unique and relevant content to satisfy its visitors as well as the search engine. The present generation of people relies upon the net for each and everything.  For a single request the search engine will produce millions of pages and when a visitor comes across the same content repeatedly he will feel frustrated. The search engine will therefore give a low rank for those pages.

Copying or plagiarism as it known to the internet community is a crime and those who commit it will be sued. Original content will also help in generating inbound quality links. Getting ranked or not, it all depends on the content.

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