Technical Writing Program

Black & White, being an end to end technical writing company, would want to bring out the importance of technical writing to the aspiring writers about the industry, the profession, and their prospective growth here.

Technical writing is a field of study that involves presenting data and information in a procedural form. It presents technical and complex information in simple and easy-to-use terms. Technical writing is about communicating particular information to a particular audience for a particular purpose. It enables users to perform tasks in a specific way. We believe that while presenting technical information in a most simple way, technical writers need to have in mind the needs of the audience they are provided the information for. Technical writing is basically writing complex information in easy and understandable terms; it involves the usage of grammar, editing, use of graphics, tables, and charts in presenting the information.

Technical writing as a field is fast gaining importance. People from diverse walks of life are increasing becoming aware of the importance of technical writing. We at Black & White are capitalizing on this fact and offering quality training and technical writing services to our clients. Technical writing provides good growth opportunities as well as being a lucrative profession. A technical writer creates documents such as online help, user manuals, brochures, white paper, system manuals, reports, etc. Technical writing is often used as a stepping stone to progress to other fields, such as project management and analysis. Along with good writing skills, technical writers should have good computer skills and an analytic reasoning way of approaching issues. Tech writing is a very demanding profession. It is not a repetitive way of working. It can be hardly be boring. People opting to work as tech writers need to be creative, and think of different ways to approach a particular subject. They need to constantly acquire new skills and knowledge. They need to be skilled in using word processor as well as desktop publishing tools. Forums such as STC and TWIN provide assistance to aspiring technical writers and people looking to break into this field. STC is the world’s largest organization that was established in 1953. It was indeed a pleasant experience for Black & White to be a part of the annual STC meet of 2011 as a sponsor. These forums help in networking, finding jobs, meeting established and knowledgeable technical writers, honing up your communication skills and learning new software, etc. Technical writers are needed in almost any industry. Any company needs technical writers to work as part of their team.

A technical writing course helps aspiring technical writers to gain the necessary skills and improve their communication skills, and also helps them in gaining new software skills, as well as the necessary grammar usage. We analyze the needs of the technical writing requirements in the market and have architected our training program in a way that would aid the prospective writers to easily equip themselves in the industry and service the needs of the companies in the market .Technical writing as a profession is quite difficult, but it definitely is very interesting in terms of a career. A technical writer enhances the technical skills of the target audience as well as knowledge.

The aspects of a technical writer are to:

  • Understand the needs of the target audience, whether it is expert or novice.
  • Use precise and concise terms.
  • Conduct research such as the internet, question SMEs, gather necessary info from books, etc.
  • Usage of visual tools such as graphics, charts, tables and able to support them by describing them in an effective way.
  • Write in a simple way rather than use complex terms or make assumptions by analyzing the audience this is aimed at.

Thus, technical writing acts as an interface between the technical writer’s ideas and the target audience. There are 3 different types of technical writing. These are:

  •  End-user documentation: basically, end-user documents aims at usage of technical items and consumer products such as cell phones, ipods, and refrigerators. This type of documentation helps the novice in usage of the particular product, which is provided by instructions given in a user manual. The technical writer should be able to use the product effectively, only then will he be able to explain the product usage. The writer should anticipate any questions or problems the user might have and be able to provide solutions. The writer need not be a technical expert to do this.
  • Conservative technical writing: This form of writing mostly consists of white paper, research documents, programmer guides, and engineering reports. The writer involved in this type of writing should have a technical background preferably. This may be a necessary requirement which adds importance to the document.
  • Marcom: In simpler terms, also known as marketing communications in the form of advertising, product promotion, and marketing. Examples which are brochures, press releases, advertisements, etc. It was primarily a print medium but has now evolved into web copy.
  • Other than these, technical writing is also used for government proposals and projects, medical companies, private companies, pharmaceutical firms, banks, educational concerns, etc.

Thus, technical writing is of far more importance in today’s society. It is slowly gaining recognition, though there is still an acute shortage of technical writers. Technical writing programs do change one’s outlook of working in this particular field as compared to other fields of work. It enhances a person’s skills so as to enable him to work efficiently in such a demanding profession.

Black & White Tech Writing Solutions (P) Ltd.,

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